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>> >> > With Muller and fit Ozil the (counter)attacking skills of Germany
>> >> > are OUTSTANDING.
>> >> Meister der Herzen .... ?
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>> why not relevant? is it not a fact that the department is
>> suing the german team for disrespect?
>> bob
>I am not in favor of cross posting but in this case, I restored the
>lists because I am interested in this thing about �the
>department is suing the german team for disrespect�.
>I see more often than not that this or that person is fined, censured
>and even imprisoned for statements they make. How does one reconcile
>these cases legal terrorism with what some of us consider basic rights
>in a free society?
>Is it true that one can sue another for �disrespect�?

If you can whisper would have been a bankrupt long ago.
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> > Learn reading. I didn't say Uruguay was bad only that German matches
> > are very entertaining. Lots of goals, quick passes and suprising stuff
> > by Muller and Ozil. First class.
> Review the first goals of past games and make your own judgement:
> Uruguay:  PigFarmer takes a shot from a mile out straight at the
> goalkeeper.  Ball hits goalkeeper in chest.  Goalkeeper falls down
> like he's been shot.  Mueller shoots ball into empty net.  Brilliant
> and exciting, right?
> Argentina: PigFarmer takes a free kick.  Launches the ball straight
> upper third of the middle of the net.  Mueller flies in unmarked,
> almost totally misses the ball with his head, Argentine goalkeeper
> falls into back of net as if he just suffered a heartattack.
> Brilliant and exciting, right?
> England: Neuer launches a long ball from his own box way downfield.
> Idiots on England let the ball hit the ground.  Idiot on England out
> of position to chase ball down.  Idiot goalkeeper on England is timid
> and gets caught in no-mans land.  The overrated Klose kicks ball into
> empty net.  Brilliant and exciting, right?
> There's a bunch of other stupid goals (Like Mueller and Podolski
> kicking the ball straight through the goalkeeper) that never should
> have gone in.

First of all: Schweinsteiger doesn't translate to "PigFarmer".

Second: All the goals you describe were indeed exciting. Absolute
unique, never saw such things before. Of course you describe the goals
that were based on defender's errors, but that is football and you
skip all those goals that were not only exciting, but brilliant too
and the scenes that were brilliant but without a goal.

Germany had a lot of them, except for the Spain match, where Germany

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> On 10 Jul., 22:24, Quincy <ab...(a)> wrote:
>> With Muller and fit Ozil the (counter)attacking skills of Germany are
> Meister der Herzen .... ?

Das waren und sind wir Holl�nder seit jahren. Sch�n Fussball spielen aber
keine preise. Diese WM ist es mal umgekehrt, wir spielen beschissen aber
sind im Finale.