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Thanks Slovakia! See you next time!
-- Australia
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anders t wrote:
> Quoting Lleo in
> And... The "clear" Italian offside perhaps wasn't so clear really.
> It is certainly borderline. Look at where the defenders foot is.
> Defenders need to learn to NOT spread out the leg closest to the goal too
> much!

If Dempsey was offsides yesterday, that was definitely offsides today.
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On Jun 24, 10:01 am, anders t wrote:
> Predictions:
> S-I 0-3
> P-NZ 2-0

Slovakia 3-2 Italy (Vittek 25' 73', Kopunek 89' - Di Natale 81',
Quagliarella 90'+2)
Paraguay 0-0 New Zealand

1. Paraguay 5
2. Slovakia 4
3. New Zealand 3
4. Italy 2

We all knew Italy wasn't very good this time around, but I confess I
didn't see this one coming.
Paraguay deserved to win the group, they were the better team overall
(although I can't comment on the third match). From what I read, it
was very dull. New Zealand didn't do anything, apparently.
This was a solid tournament by NZ. They go out undefeated, which
probably surprised most people. Bravo to them, but I suppose it's fair
that they drop at this point, since they haven't been able to create a
lot of their own.
As for Slovakia, they didn't impress against NZ and were outplayed by
Paraguay. Apparently, they saved their best for the last moment.

Round of 16:

Uruguay-South Korea

Also already qualified: Netherlands, Paraguay, Slovakia, Brazil

Eliminated: South Africa, France, Greece, Nigeria, Slovenia, Algeria,
Australia, Serbia, Cameroon, New Zealand, Italy, North Korea


Luiz Mello
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Il 24/06/2010 18:12, Neil Gerace ha scritto:
> Thanks Slovakia! See you next time!
> -- Australia

Yes, no problem. Now for you and us, holydays...
From: ssri on
Wow, what a game:

Lippi's stubborness in sticking with his Juve boys eventually did the
team in:

Cannavaro - poor and beaten off pace far too many times. I hope there
are no fast players in Dubai.
Iaquinta - Offered nothing throughout the entire tournament until his
cheeky backheel found Quags whose shot and rebound found Di Natale.
Camoranesi - Poor, but was injured
Chiellini - Solid until his lapse led to the 2nd Slovakian goal
Marchisio - Shorn of confidence when played in every midfield position
but his own

Other notable failures:

Gilardino - Players in cement boots ran faster. Did not have the brains
to pick out open spaces
De Rossi - Came in with a big reputation, rightfully so given his club
form, but had severe mental lapses throughout the tournament that cost
Italy dearly. None more evident than the first and third goals scored by
Slovakia with a culpable partner in shame in Cannavaro. For some, his
cockups during the Slovakia game is karma for his dive against NZ even
though the NZ defender definitely had a fistful of De Rossi's shirt.
Montolivo - Okay for the most part until the match against Slovakia, as
if the bright lights of such a monumental match was just too much for
him to take, reminiscent of Aquilani's deer-in-the-headlights look and
demeanor during his match against Spain in Euro2006.

It seems that Italy is still overly dependent on an aging Pirlo. His
introduction in today's match resulted in Italy finally stringing more
than one pass out of the midfield. His vision, one of the things
Montolivo is lacking comparatively at this stage of development,
breathed new life into the match for the Italian side. Furthermore, it
seemed that Quags was the only forward truly giving it his all, whose
efforts was rewarded with that sublime chip over the gk. With no true
replacement for Pirlo coming through the Italian ranks, I am afraid of
the return to the mid-to-late 90s Italy where the midfield mostly
consisted of a bunch of watercarriers.