From: Manx Gunner on
On Thu, 24 Jun 2010 15:01:46 +0200, anders t wrote...

> Predictions:
> S-I 0-3
> P-NZ 2-0

Is Darth Simian your sock-puppet?
From: Mehdi on
> Subject : GROUP 6 (F): Slovakia-Italy and Paraguay-New Zealand [R]
> From : ssri(a)

> It seems that Italy is still overly dependent on an aging Pirlo. His
> introduction in today's match resulted in Italy finally stringing more
> than one pass out of the midfield. His vision, one of the things
> Montolivo is lacking comparatively at this stage of development,
> breathed new life into the match for the Italian side. Furthermore, it
> seemed that Quags was the only forward truly giving it his all, whose
> efforts was rewarded with that sublime chip over the gk. With no true
> replacement for Pirlo coming through the Italian ranks, I am afraid of
> the return to the mid-to-late 90s Italy where the midfield mostly
> consisted of a bunch of watercarriers.

Italy don't need a replacement for Pilro. Most teams play without a
regista. Prandelli knows how to get the best out of Montolivo and
will/should attempt to replicate Fiorentina's strength on the flanks, he
has the players to do it - Criscito, Motta, Cassani, Pepe, Marchionni
etc, etc

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