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> >BTW, don't you agree that the one could argue that the WC
> >quarterfinalists are the best 8 teams in the world (and the winner is
> >the best single team), while the same can't be said about the 4
> >semifinalists and the 2 finalists?
> I consider a team worthy (with some high probability bordering certainty)
> of some stage x (x can be otos, group, loser of final (but not the winner
> of the final - the special case)... you get it) if it  went to stage x+1.
> So the semifinalists "definitely" belongs among the eight best teams (but
> not necessarily among the four best).

This is very interesting.

Theoretically, you can easily set up a scenario in which this is not
true, e.g. ("1" means "best team in the world", "2" means "second" and
so on)
1 vs. 6
2 vs. 5
3 vs. 4
7 vs. 8
where team #7 will reach the semifinal while not performing above its

....but I guess that in most cases your rule of thumb works.

(rule of) thumb up! d(^_^)