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Chagney Hunt wrote:
> On Jun 11, 5:53 pm, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:
>> You are finally catching on. Domenech routinely says anything to get
>> rid of the press.
> I said the something similar two years ago.

so why did you believe the drivel reported by the media if his relationship
to the press is so antagonistic.

> I guess the direct-truth-
> line-to-gawd failed to inform you.

I know you really want me but it won't be possible.

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On Jun 11, 2:54 pm, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:
> Alkamista wrote:

> > If you guys dont stop this soon Bob is going to get really upset.
> that was really mature of you ...

....and you rose above it, soaring like a.... never mind!
From: Starcade on
0-0 FT.

Thanks for pretty much nothing, you two.

The match really only opened up (and mostly cynically) after Toulalan
started the first real brouhaha of the Cup with a bit of a challenge
on the 69th. Forlan missed Uruguay's last real chance of the game
when he basically whiffed a sitter four minutes later.

Then Lodeiro got sent off (and should be done for, at minimum, the
group stages -- if not the whole tournament) for trying to break
Sanyeh's leg studs-up. Uruguay, predictably, expected the point, and,
save a big free kick at the end, there always seemed to be a Uruguayan
in the way.

Handball in the box one minute before stoppage?? No. Read Rule 12:

"Deliberate handball means that a player intentionally moves his hand
or arm towards the ball, and could have avoided touching the ball, but
decided not to. It is unfairly done to prevent an opponent from
gaining possession of the ball, because the perpetrator is unable to
play the ball in any other way - and therefore stops or deflects the
ball by the use of one, or both hands or arms, punches it, or catches

In fact, if you watch the play, the guy is not only trying to move his
arm out of the way, he's also got his arm well within the frame of his
body, so he could've played the ball with his body.

Contrast this with Frings, eight years ago.

South Africa and Mexico lead the group with one goal scored.

All four teams have one point and 0 goal difference.

Group B and the 1950 Upset Rematch tomorrow.

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On Jun 12, 4:49 am, Alessandro Riolo <alessandro.ri...(a)>
> On Jun 11, 6:41 pm, "Adama" <s...(a)> wrote:
> > ..
> Ridicolous yellow card awarded thanks to a olympic dive ..
> A bit later the French goalkeeper went wandering out of the stadium
> holding the ball and the linesman didn't think he could award a
> corner ..
> Promising start :)

Apart from that non-corner incident, I think the referee was
practically perfect, at the end of the day.

From: Malte Zander on
Bob wrote:

> It certainly would make sense but may be Ribery would lose in effectiveness
> playing on the right, although I can't say that was apparent when he played
> that positon during qualifications.

Lose effectiveness? The man was utterly useless apart from setting up Govou
in the early stages of the match.