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1991 "Torquay United The First 70 Years" Football Club Book

I have for sale the 1991 edition of "Torquay United The First 70 Years"
out-of-print trade edition book. The books contains 96 pages of text as
well as black and white, player and team photographs dating back to the
1925-26 season, profiling the Torquay United "Gulls" Football Club.
Back Cover Excerpt:
"Torquay United may be one of the smallest clubs in the Football League but
it has a proud history which spans three score and ten. Laura Joint,
Torquay United correspondant on the Western Morning News, has captured and
chronicled the ups and downs, the joys and despairs of the Gulls' colourful
past in this entertainingly informative book".
The "Torquay United The First 70 Years" Football Club Book is in MINT
Price $15. US plus postage

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