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> The highest placed Italian player in the Ballon d'Or ranking:

In the same way, you can check who would have won the award if non-
European players weren't admitted in 1995:
1995 Klinsmann
1996 Sammer
1997 Mijatovic
1998 Zidane
1999 Beckham
2000 Figo
2001 Owen
2002 Kahn
2003 Nedved
2004 Shevchenko
2005 Lampard
2006 Cannavaro
2007 Cristiano Ronaldo
2008 Cristiano Ronaldo
2009 Cristiano Ronaldo

I.e. Cristiano Ronaldo would have already equaled Cruyff, Platini and
Van Basten. A keeper would have won (for the first time after Yashin).
England would have 2 more Ballon d'Ors, Yugoslavia would have their
first and only one.