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Clarkoo (gables0(a) wrote:

: I think Real Madrid were as relevant to the final or even more than
: Bayern Munich. At least our coach and several of our former players
: showed up to the match and played in our stadium.

No, nobody ever accused you (or Real M) of any realism.


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From: milivella on
Sugano Masa:

> > I guess that at some point we'll have to ask: what if a reject (i.e. a
> > player that has been sold for a low price because perceived as a
> > surplus) plays well *but not enough to be a starter in his former
> > team*? Let's take e.g. Ronaldinho: his 2009-10 performances maybe make
> > him worth more than 18 million euros (or maybe it's not true, and I've
> > chosen the wrong example!), yet he wouldn't qualify as a starter (at
> > least not a sure one) for Barca. Is he eligible in our lists? I.e. are
> > we counting how much _money_ has a given club lost (having been paid
> > less than the player's real value) or how much _talent_ has it lost
> > (having sold a player that would now be useful, without receiving in
> > exchange enough cash to pay another player of the same value)? Indeed
> > I tend to see cases like Roberto Carlos at Inter and Henry at Juve as
> > worse than many of the Spanish giants' rebates.
> > Cheers
> > milivella
> I recall bringing up the topic of Inter under Moratti selling badly
> (as opposed to buying badly),
> back when I still used to frequent RSS. Moratti at the beginning was
> into buying exotic young
> players from around the world, in classic Football Manager novice
> style. A few were successes
> (Zanetti, Cordoba, Recoba), a lot were rightly cast away (Rambert,
> Fresi, West, Luciano, Ze
> Elias, Ventola), but many as mentioned were given up prematurely.
> Inter do not have this problem now. The relative decline in the
> wealth of Milan and Juve allows
> Moratti to snap up the mature 29-30 year olds in Seria A, and since
> they are older, they don't
> resurface elsewhere as "false positives."
> Let me get back to Juve, though. Selling Henry was not that big a
> mistake. Juve had Del Piero
> in Trezeguet for most of the next decade, scoring 40 goals a season.
> While Henry may have
> been a better player than either, the marginal difference between
> Henry and either Del Piero
> and Trezeguet was not as great as people suggest. Nowhere near as
> great as Roberto Carlos
> compared with Pistone, Milanese, Georgatos, Gresko....

Yep, you're right. Wrong example by me. :)