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On Tue, 29 Jun 2010 15:34:43 +0000 (UTC), bds(a)
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>jvazquez(a) wrote:
>: Dunga: =93People who want to see a show, better go to the circus=94.
>: According to a friend who was watching TV last night.
>: I retorted: Of course, he always was a =93patadura=94 (hard foot).
>: Then I went to see my old DVD collection of past WC=92s and picked the
>: fourth goal of Brazil-Italy 1970.
>: That was tiki-taka circus at its best!!!
>: Nine passes in slow motion and goal by Carlos Alberto:
>: With the physical game of nowadays, impossible to see this kind of
>: goals again.
>Same for the Colombian style... walk the ball around, even hit slow
>passes, the work is so sublime the defense cannot anticipate, you are
>only allowed one burst of speed by one player per build up, and you go
>down to Buenos Aires and score five goals.
>That will, as you say, never happen again.

I don't really agree. Actually Elano's goal was quite similar.
Defenders frequently collapse into the middle now--the opportunity for
just such a goal is there, even if the layoff would probably have to
be done with back to goal.

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