From: Bruce D. Scott on
jvazquez(a) wrote:

: Dunga: =93People who want to see a show, better go to the circus=94.

: According to a friend who was watching TV last night.

: I retorted: Of course, he always was a =93patadura=94 (hard foot).

: Then I went to see my old DVD collection of past WC=92s and picked the
: fourth goal of Brazil-Italy 1970.

: That was tiki-taka circus at its best!!!

: Nine passes in slow motion and goal by Carlos Alberto:


: With the physical game of nowadays, impossible to see this kind of
: goals again.

Same for the Colombian style... walk the ball around, even hit slow
passes, the work is so sublime the defense cannot anticipate, you are
only allowed one burst of speed by one player per build up, and you go
down to Buenos Aires and score five goals.

That will, as you say, never happen again.


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