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Christy_z1 wrote:
> On Jul 13, 12:01 am, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:
>> That's the status of a newsgroup that can't celebrate a WC win by
>> the most tactically offensive national squad of the last eon.
> Eon? Sure whatever you say, the 8 goals sure support your argument in
> a great way.

goal productivity isn't linearly related to how much time is spent on
offense. The 8 goals scored by Spain are the product of their play and that
of their opponents who more often than not parked the bus. All dominating
squads are faced with the same issue. Most of the squads that scored a lot
played counter-attacking ball and there are good reasons for that.

> Each and every spanish player were better than maradona
> and pele combined.
> Most people who I have talked to who weren't supporting a side have
> said it was a boring and dirty game by both sides. It is unfortunate
> that their opinion upsets you.

Spain was certainly not dirty despite your wishes they did.