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On Jun 27, 5:23 pm, b...(a) (Bruce D. Scott) wrote:
> Just as I post a long goalie punt down the middle bounces into the box
> and Klose outmuscles the defender (not Terry, the other one) and beats
> him to the ball, a great one-touch to tap it to the right past James.
> What a goal.  Very worth of this Classic!  Klose now with 12 all time
> (2nd for Germany, even with Pele) and Germany up 1-0 at 22'

10 minutes later, the German attack scores through James' legs. 2-0

Group D is outclassing Group C in every dimension.
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John Terry is not having a good day.

England are getting skinned at the back. Over and over again. It's
Australia game levels (seriously).

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Now the German back line gets destroyed on a short free kick cross,
Upson heads it in and it is but 2-1 at 37'

Suddenly England have the play... a Webmleytor!!! ball over the line I
thought but no. Now Germany go back, and Plodi barely misses! What a

The goal was in by 2 meters! England totally ripped off!


drift wave turbulence:
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Can't blame the referee but it's not even close, it was *well* in.

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On Jun 27, 5:38 pm, anders t <anthu_001(a)> wrote:

There will be no posts, I suspect, from the dinosaurs who have been
arguing against video replay and any technology used on the pitch.

Remember, this kind of stuff hurts the game. ;-)