From: Bob on
HASM wrote:
> "Winston Smith, American Patriot" <mavigozler(a)> writes:
>> There will be no posts, I suspect, from the dinosaurs who have been
>> arguing against video replay and any technology used on the pitch.
> And why not? There must be hundreds of calls like this, weekend in,
> weekend out, all over the world and that haven't made people change
> their minds yet.
> I've been waiting for this since 1966 (my first) final. What poetic
> justice! Maybe FIFA was waiting for it to happen to England before
> introducing any video replay technology.
> If it had been France-Northern Ireland, video would now have two
> votes out of eight in the IFAB meeting :-)

Not likely since the video clearly shows that France should have been given
a pk when Given took Anelka down in the box: