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>> Interesting story: I heard from an elderly relo recently that the term
>> "German cousins" referred to the relationship between two of your own
>> 1st cousins on your mother and father's side. Clearly they are not
>> related to each other by blood or even marriage. Who knows where that
>> phrase came from?
> The german from german cousin comes from the latin germen who kinda
> designates blood relation. (romans used frater germanus to designate real
> brothers as opposed to frater uterinus for brother by the mother only)
> The spanish hermano (brother) comes from this latin word. It has nothing to
> do with Germany. (unless romans used to think the germans were all related
> by blood, I don't know)
> German cousins are persons who have at least one common grandparent. So it
> includes all your "normal" cousins (born from the same pairs of
> grandparents) and the possible descendants of your parents stepbrothers /
> stepsisters.
> "cousin issu de germain" (cousins born from german ? Dunno if the expression
> exists in english) are person with at least one great grandparent in common.
Cousin (cousine) germain(e) exists in French since the middle ages and
is still used. It is in one of Ronsard or DuBellay's sonnets/ballades
if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was Francois Villon (even older).
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> Well, I wonder about that. It seems to me that we might be deluding
> ourselves about the EPL. While it can reasonably be said to be the
> toughest league in the world, an increasing number of its pre-eminent
> players are foreign, especially in key positions. For example, name me
> one front-line English goal scorer in the EPL, to rank with Torres,
> Tevez, Fabregas, etc. You might argue that Rooney belongs in that group,
> but not on the showing of this tournament.

Gerrard has won Liverpool a European Cup, and impressed Zidane.

Rooney's good in the champions league.

It's not particularly complicated. The TEAM wasn't good enough, Rooney
was not fully fit, and Capello morphed into Sven.

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"Adama" <spam(a)> wrote in message
> The german from german cousin comes from the latin germen who kinda
> designates blood relation.

In Latin germanus in the sense of full sibling is AFAIK probably a false
cognate of Germanus as the ethonym of the people dwelling in Germania.

The former is cognate with germen, hence the English germ (in the original
sense of "seed") or germination.

Chances there are the latter was probably adopted ty Romans/Italics as they
struggled to adapt to their language the sound of some foreign
ethonym/geographic definition (in perfect analogy, my grandmother ever spelt
Brooklyn as Broccolino, "the little broccolo").

On the improbable side of life, if you admit that the italic urheimat could
have well have been in what's modern (and what was in roman times) Germany,
then the use of Germanus to define a germane ethnicity could even start to
make sense ...


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> Apparently this guy, Larrionda, did a similar mistake 6 years ago in a
> WCQ-game between Argentina-Colombia. He is, despite this, said to be a
> strong opponent to any technological aids.

And why are we not surprised? He will probably very shortly be a strong
opponent of technological aids like cell phones, once the avalanche of
irate text messages starts to hit :-)
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> There will be no posts, I suspect, from the dinosaurs who have been
> arguing against video replay and any technology used on the pitch.

And why not? There must be hundreds of calls like this, weekend in,
weekend out, all over the world and that haven't made people change their
minds yet.

I've been waiting for this since 1966 (my first) final. What poetic
justice! Maybe FIFA was waiting for it to happen to England before
introducing any video replay technology.

If it had been France-Northern Ireland, video would now have two votes out
of eight in the IFAB meeting :-)