From: Jesper Lauridsen on
On 2010-05-06, Clarkoo <gables0(a)> wrote:
> Lets not forget that a team from the Spanish liga that has been
> fighting relegation for a long period and that had to fire the coach
> in the process can actually win the Europa Cup. If la liga is so weak
> how can that happen?.

Your argument is somewhat weakened by them facing a club that is, at best,
the fifth biggest club in their _city_.

> What league has done better than the spanish
> league in european competition this season?.

Bundesliga and EPL, according to the UEFA coefficients.

From: Google Beta User on
On May 6, 5:44 pm, Clarkoo <gabl...(a)> wrote:

> > So here's a question:  what do they need for next year?  I'm not asking
> > who they will buy, or which superstar they'll target.  What do they
> > actually need to go to win some silverware?  Is the answer, "nothing but
> > another season playing together"?
> No they need two creative midfielders (Silva, Di Maria)

On top of Ronaldo and Kaka? Van Der Vaart will be sold?

>and a fullback (Maicon).

Ramos and Arbeloa are no good?

>Otherwise is a very complete team. Of course Perez will also
> sign his own galactico (Rooney?).

Not this season. Plus, Sir Alex Ferguson apparently hates you lot.

> Fabregas is the missing link but
> unfortunately he is going to Barcelona.

And Villa apparently.