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anders t (anthu_001(a) wrote:
: Scrap the WC

: Just run the EC every second year and invite Uruguay!
: ;)

Awww don't be so afraid of the US :-)


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>> ;)
> To be fair, at half time I was so sure Germany was going to win it big
> way, that I went in the kitchen to make home bread (this is the 2nd time
> in 10 years!) and looked at the match through the serving hole on the
> wall. For each German goal I barely raised an eyebrow. As I finished with
> the dough well before the end of the match, I even decided to start making
> panelle (chickpeas dough later to be fried). Argentina never stood a
> chance, you'd have noticed in the first 5 minutes of the match really.

Yep, that's when Germany put 11 players behind the ball and played counter
attacking football.

They are lucky they scored that early gol. They killed off the game playing
modern catenaccio.