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>FF wrote:
>> MH wrote:
>>> FF wrote:
>>>> Mehdi wrote:
>>>>> Torres dives for a penalty.
>>> May not have been a penalty (would have been harsh) but did not look
>>> like a dive to me- he was bundled off the ball.
>>> Not booked. Dives under no contact from
>>>>> Estrada, gets him a second yellow. Much bigger cheats than the Italians,
>>>>> always have been.
>>>> LOL
>>>> As you probably know, I don't usually bother to respond to you, you're
>>>> not much more than a troll most of the times. But now I have to say,
>>>> you're delusional. Go get some help man, really.
>>>> And there definitely was contact at that second yellow. Maybe not
>>>> enough for a second yellow, possibly unintentional, then again it was
>>>> from behind and it's the player's job to be careful not to do
>>>> something like this. A little harsh maybe, but definitely acceptable.
>>> I don't think it was a card at all, and it was definitely not acceptable
>>> as this incident was entirely accidental, and , as Spain had scored on
>>> the play anyway, the ref had an excellent excuse for taking no action.
>> So you do agree there was contact. Well then, there was contact, it
>> was from behind, the ref is in his right to issue a card. The other
>> things matter less.
>I think there was contact, though I can't be sure Torres didn't trip
>over his own shoe-laces. I don't think he dived. But the existence of
>contact does not make it a foul.

No way did he dive, there was definite contact