From: Jesper Lauridsen on
On 2010-04-29, Binder Dundat <dundat(a)> wrote:

> The problem with that scenario is that Bayern play Bochum this weekend
> and Shalke play Werder so it is looking more like Bayern will have a 3
> point advantage going into the last weekend.

I would be very happy with taking a two point lead to Berlin.
From: Jesper Lauridsen on
On 2010-04-29, Bruce D. Scott <bds(a)> wrote:
> JK (jknapp(a) wrote:
>: Does everyone play this weekend? Or any rest for Robben or anyone else?
> This time it is less certain (it's not Gladbach away) whether they play
> 100 percent. But from now on it is only the one match each week. It is
> possible they play the fragile ones 60 minutes or so. But there are a
> lot of fragile ones, so it's hard to say. Not much news about it on

Van Gaal is probably looking to play the best 11 as a signal of the
importance of the match. I would like to start with Robben on the bench,
and the bring him on if Bochum makes trouble. But LvG doesn't listen to

From: Matthias Mühlich on
Binder Dundat schrieb:
> So how many coaches fired this week???

Herrlich (Bochum) and Labbadia (HSV)