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> >> Brazil plays with the number 2 uniform,the blue one tomorrow.Not that
> >> it matters, we lost in 74 and won in 94 using the blue one.
> > The blue kit is my favorite, but the current version is hideous. And this
> > right after what arguably was our most beautiful blue jersey ever, the one
> > to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1958 World Cup win (I proudly own
> > one).
> Quite agreed... little yellow balls? What were they thinking, if they were
> at all?
> My personal favorite, until recently, was the 1998 model. I have a green gk
> jersey from that year, not numbered (for a while I thought of putting no.12
> in it, as a homage to Carlos Germano, but never did and probably never
> will). It's the only Brasil nt jersey I own.
> I prefer the blue kit too. Here's hoping that after the WC they'll change
> the design to something sensible again.

On the subject of Brazilian kits, why is Julio Cesar dressed as if
he's a point guard in a street basketball team?
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> >>>> 1) Ideally this would be a SF as I think Brazil, NL, Spain, Arg are the
> >>>> four best teams.
> >>>> 2)  This NL side is very, very good, maybe their best team since 1990,
> >>>> certainly the most balanced...but still not as good as Brazil.
> >>> I don't think the Netherlands have been at all impressive. They are a
> >>> class
> >>> below Germany, Brazil and Argentina on the evidence of the games
> >>> played so
> >>> far.
> >> And below Spain too. The Dutch  play has been excruciatingly painful
> >> to watch - like a slightly better and more efficient err...Slovakia.
> > I can understand what folks are saying, but I disagree.  The Dutch have
> > played an extremely controlled, patient game, and have improved with
> > each game.   They also have probably the best defense I think they've
> > brought to a tournament in a long time.   Also, this team has a better
> > mentality than previous Dutch teams: basically, "winners, not whiners".
> >  They also are being well-coached so far.
> The last part is interesting and probably true.  Bert Van Marwijk must
> be the lowest profile coach they have had in Donkey's ages, and hasn't
> that illustrious a track record,

He won a UEFA Cup. That's usually more than enough to coach Liverpool.

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>>> I certainly don't agree that this is the best Dutch side for 20 years.
>> Possibly. But odds on the Dutch qualifying on betfair are about 3 to 1. I
>> would put a few bucks on that.
> Yeah, they're pretty good odds. I think they can make it tough for
> Brazil as most teams who've the ability to play it tight have done.
>>> I doubt that I would choose anyone apart from Robben and maybe
>>> Sneijder from this team in a best Dutch XI of the past 20 years even.
>> Hm...
>> Van Der Sar
>> ? Stam R. Koeman Van Bronkhorst(?)
>> Robben Davids Cocu Overmars/Sneijder(?)
>> Bergkamp Van Nistelrooy
>> You're probably right...
>> D
> We can have Reiziger at RB and a choice at LB of VB, Numan or even F
> de Boer. Overmars on the left wing makes the formation elegantly
> symmetrical.

I would put Cocu at left back (I know he played there occasionally at
least for clubs), and move Sneijder into the middle, thus allowing
Overmars to be in there.