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> Finally the deserved 2-2 after another big English pressure, but of
> course, Referee was against England and disallowed this goal.
> With this goal, a scoreline like 6-2 for England would be plausible.

And England could have scored even more in the second half.

LOL at 1 minute!

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>>>>>> 1) Ideally this would be a SF as I think Brazil, NL, Spain, Arg
>>>>>> are the
>>>>>> four best teams.
>>>>>> 2) This NL side is very, very good, maybe their best team since
>>>>>> 1990,
>>>>>> certainly the most balanced...but still not as good as Brazil.
>>>>> I don't think the Netherlands have been at all impressive. They are
>>>>> a class
>>>>> below Germany, Brazil and Argentina on the evidence of the games
>>>>> played so
>>>>> far.
>>>> And below Spain too. The Dutch play has been excruciatingly painful
>>>> to watch - like a slightly better and more efficient err...Slovakia.
>>> I can understand what folks are saying, but I disagree. The Dutch
>>> have played an extremely controlled, patient game, and have improved
>>> with each game. They also have probably the best defense I think
>>> they've brought to a tournament in a long time. Also, this team has
>>> a better mentality than previous Dutch teams: basically, "winners,
>>> not whiners". They also are being well-coached so far.
>> The last part is interesting and probably true. Bert Van Marwijk must
>> be the lowest profile coach they have had in Donkey's ages, and hasn't
>> that illustrious a track record, but he seems to be doing the job right.
> When you think about it, given their track record, it makes a lot of
> sense for the Netherlands to hire a coach who WON'T be a lightening rod
> for controversy and who people don't have a lot of pre-formed opinions
> about. Perhaps one more example of how they're emulating the Germans
> :) (Seriously, isn't Low pretty, um low-profile for German NT manager,
> at least compared with previous coaches. I never heard of him before WC
> 06.)

Germany managers have often been low profile -- Derwall, Sch�n, and
Herberger were not exactly high profile managers - and two of them, like
L�w, had functioned as assistants to their predecessors.

Beckenbauer, Vogts, V�ller, and Klinsmann were high profile as players,
but not really as managers - in fact the Germany job was the first as
head coach for three out of the four

And Ribbeck can hardly be said to be all that high profile either- never
won the league, even with Bayern.
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"JK" escreveu:
> Since 1990, with the exception of 1998, Dutch teams have been fragile
> hothouse flowers. I think this edition is different.

They are deadly serious about winning this time around, and prepared
accordingly. Whether they can pull it off is another story, but they are
built to get results.


Luiz Mello

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On 1 jul, 19:31, Clément <lcmello.lis...(a)> wrote:
> They are deadly serious about winning this time around, and prepared
> accordingly. Whether they can pull it off is another story, but they are
> built to get results.
> Abra o,
> Luiz Mello

Well Dunga has a big problem in the midfield,Elano and Ramires are out
and may be felipe Melo and Julio Batista,so we(Brazil) might play with
a never tested and improvised midfield.The Dutch inthat regard have
an edge since they are complete.
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Brazil plays with the number 2 uniform,the blue one tomorrow.Not that
it matters, we lost in 74 and won in 94 using the blue one.