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> Starcade  <darkstar7...(a)> wrote:
> >FT 2-1 (Maicon 54', Elano 71' -- Nam 88')
> >Well, well...  The recluses came to play!!
> >That can't be considered the most impressive of openers for the
> >Brazilians (probably taking it far too easy for their own good, as can
> >be their ilk!!), though they do get the three points with two second-
> >half goals from Maicon and Elano.
> >Fact is, they can be exploited (which see Nam getting one in the 88th
> >and there still being time for an equalizer, which never came -- which
> >see the USA in last year's Confed Cup Final first half).  Yes, I
> >believe they are the best, and by a significant distance, but their
> >complacency can and will (if they're not careful) be their downfall.
> >Maicon's was another goalkeeper gaffe (one of quite a number in this
> >tournament), but this should've been a much more convincing victory
> >for the Brazilians if they want to be seen as the favorites they
> >should be.
> >But they do lead the group, with the only three-pointer.  Ivory Coast
> >and Portugal have one each.  The North Koreans made a statement, but
> >bring up the rear, as expected.
> >Mike
> I wonder if NK can pull upsets; doubtful.

What ever it takes to give Brazil a fast exit will be ok with me =)