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> > ...according to La Gazzetta dello Sport:
> > "Next generation" = born in 1989 or after
> > Ranking criterium: what impact could they have on the "next" (i.e. the
> > present?) season, considering club team, national league and national
> > team.

> Well the 'next generation' can hardly be expected to have much of an
> impact next season.

Yeah, it's an odd criterion.

> one they missed, Freddy Adu.

I guess he's disappeared from the radar of many pundits now; it
happens, when you're launched as the next very big thing.

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Mark V.:

> I'd be interested in hearing what RSS-ers
> think of their longer-term prospects on the basis of observation.

Nice idea. Here are my 1989-or-later players:

- Walcott: he's showing more and more deficiencies (both in his play
and in his physical form). Well, maybe he already had them when I
picked him, but Fantasy Scout is exactly about this - avoiding shining
but not golden players -, isn't it?

- Marquinhos, Walter, Douglas Costa, Rafael... Either they'll be the
spine of Brazil 2018 or I have picked too many verde e amarelo
players. The fact that I haven't heard of them lately is not a good
sign, I guess.

> Eden Hazard
> sounds too good to be true

Sure as hell he has a name that sounds too good to be true! If I
worked for a publisher and I had to re-brand classics (see _The seven
year scratch_), I would change the name of Milton's _Paradise Lost_ in
_Eden Hazard_.

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> I also have revised downwards my expectation about Krkic. Fantasy
> Scout-wise, this means I'm not at all sure any more that Alberto is going to
> run away with the 2007-2010 title.

I've never been sure of it... :) According to your formula, Enzo has
more chances than any other scout (Alberto is second, though; but bar
Enzo everyone is close to everyone else), and Busquets is a great
asset. But my money goes to MH: I'm pretty sure that he will make the
podium, and he's a probable winner in my eyes.