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>>>> >What a waste of money. We are talking Robbie Keane levels here.
>>>> So bitter!
>>>Do you consider him to be a successful buy at �31 million, also taking
>>>into consideration that Tevez was let go to accomodate him? Please be
>> He's a better player than Tevez, no doubt!
>I wouldn't agree with that statement. Although you'll have seen them both
>play more times than me, so if that's your opinion, fine. But I'd have Tevez
>before Berbatov EVERY time!

It's a matter of who played better for United. Tevez had a good first
season and then was totally useless the second season, probably
because he wanted away? I expect the same to happen next season for
him at City (if he hangs around during the summer). Carlito is
obviously a very good player but I believe he is totally dominated by
his handlers who are solely interested in the money. Another transfer
= another big payout for them. I think they keep him unsettled