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REDDEVIL6(a) wrote:
> On 31 Mar 2010 12:23:02 GMT, Jussi Uosukainen <juso(a)> wrote:
>>REDDEVIL6(a) wrote:
>>> United have a class striker to come in and play in Rooney's place.
>>This is from Luis Van Gaal, via the Guardian...
>>"Just look at the statistics. Rooney is their top scorer with 34 goals.
>>Dimitar Berbatov has 12 goals but until this weekend their
>>second-highest scorer was the opposition, with 11 own goals."
> What's wrong with that?
Well, a less blinkered fan might think that there is a slight chance
that losing Rooney for several weeks at this point might present some
sort of problem to the team, as there are no other consistent
goalscorers available.

But I would not expect that from you.

> Did you know that Chelsea have 10 own goals?

So what? They also have four other players who have more goals than 10,
so they have _some_ cover.

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