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> Abubakr wrote:
> > On Jun 24, 8:34 pm, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:
> >> Mark V. wrote:
> >>> On Jun 23, 5:36 pm, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:
> >>>> Especially since they drew and almost lost to a 10 men French side
> >>>> in Serbia.
> >>> Good point. I think that Serbophobia was based in part on them
> >>> topping a group with France in it. In hindsight, the way they did
> >>> it and the fact they did it may not have been as impressive as it
> >>> had seemed.
> >> There seems to be those middling teams that have the capacity to
> >> regularly beat up on the minnows and flail against serious
> >> opposition, and those that seem never to be able to beat up on the
> >> minnows and do ok against good teams. Serbia seemed to belong to the
> >> former group this time around.
> > Serbia and their predecessors were perennial chokers, that's all there
> > is to it.
> They seemed a bit toothless upfront during the few matches I saw. Which
> edition of their team should have achieved significantly more?

Almost all. They also came into the last WC on the back of a strong
qualification results only to totally capitulate when it mattered
most. Same story in 98 with a talented side that went out once they
met a decent team in the second round. Same story down the years with
the unified Yugoslavia, they didn't make even one tournament final
despite always producing very talented players.

It's very probable that they were robbed of their best years from
92-94 because of politics when they truly had a world beating squad of
players available but even then they'd have probably choked.
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"Bob" <Bob(a)> wrote in message news:88h351F648U1(a)
> The Scrutineer wrote:
>>> Serbia and their predecessors were perennial chokers, that's all
>>> there is to it.
>> That term, *chokers* flatters them, they simply give up when it comes
>> to the crunch match!!!
> I always had trouble with the concept of choking when applied to a team.
> Does it require that all important parts choke at once?

Not too sure, but I can try to explain how I conceive it, choking for me is
when your in sight of the finishing line, and with momentum and in a winning
position, somehow still manage to fail, and not go over that final hurdle
hence the classic choke.

That is why I deem the Serbian team to being a team who give up, they are in
a decent position to mount a serious challenge, but roll out the crunch
match, they just give in to the pressure of the situation, and simply give
up by the end. Now my heritage is from a place that Serbia used to belong
to, and for all the stories I've heard about some great players from the
past. some genuine world class players, there are at least three stories of
where they FAIL to deliver. A history of unrealised potential, and
corruption still to this day.

I ask a simple question, how can that team get anywhere with a striker who
covers less than 1km a match, and one who is absolutely and completely
inept. Nikola Zigic is the man in question, how can a country which has
produced fine strikers, and still do rely on such a player. If there is not
a better lone striker in the nation in question, I will cut my head off.

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"The Scrutineer" <vlade4(a)> wrote:
> Australia 2-1 Serbia FT
> Well done boys, you've done us proud with a superb victory over a
> solid European nation.
> A trademark Cahill header, was followed by a sensational 30 yard goal
> from Holman, and after Germany scored, they dream was still alive,
> Pantelic scored a tap in after Schwarzer spilled a Tosic shot for the
> 2-1 result.
> The unAustralian performace in the match vs Germany cost us dearly to
> the point we are going home, but with our heads held high with after
> superb performances in the last two matches, on ya boys!!!
> Next stop Asian cup 2011!!!

I am happy this team of whiners has gone home. The arrogance they have
shown even though they are new to world football is sickening. They have
been in 7 world cup games since 2006 and have complained about the ref
in 6 of those 7 games. They "woz robbed".
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