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On Jul 3, 1:25 pm, (Sven Mischkies) wrote:
> The ball isn't great for Fk goals, but there have been at least 3.

From the top of my mind, I count 5:

Nigeria against Greece
South Korea against Nigeria
Japan against Denmark (2)
Uruguay against Ghana

There could be more, but 1 or 2 tops.


Luiz Mello
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"Calimero" escreveu:
> The US needs Europeans and Africans to have any success in sports.
> So what's your point?

One of these days I had a good laugh at the expense of a couple of
acquaintances who criticized teams like France which, in theur opinion, were
using players who were not actually French.

Mind you, their remark was not racist by any means. She was just whining
about what they perceived as "cheating", using players you should not be
allowed to because of their origins.

Before clarifying that those players indeed are actually French (just to
stop at this example), I asked them how rich is it that Brazilians, of all
people, could be complaining that a NT is able to field nationals of various
ethinicities. Like us, or American countries in general, are the only ones
allowed to do so.

In short, there is no point to such remarks (especially as usually people
don't even bother to check the facts before making them). People either want
to vent their prejudices, or just want to bash other teams for no good


Luiz Mello

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On Sat, 03 Jul 2010 12:22:37 -0400, El Kot <>

>KaiserD2 wrote:
>> Tevez has been three times the player in this tournament than he
>> ever was with United. Ditto Forlan. Apparently Ferguson doesn't know
>> how to let players like them play.
> Maybe so, but comparing Forlan with Tevez ?! Forlan is class, while
>Tevez is the useless offspring of a headless chicken and the Energizer
>Bunny. /How/ are you supposed to let him play?

I like to think that I can always be influenced by the evidence
before me. Before this tournament I agreed with you 100% about Tevez,
but he was genuinely great and showed me all kinds of ctonrol that I
never knew he had. But you're right, Forlan is better, and I'd call
him the player of the tournament if he didn't have a habit of
disappearing from time to time.

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> > On 3 jul, 11:08, The Truth <ob...(a)> wrote:
> > > 4 classes difference.
> > This is a good time to see what Messi is made of, I think He's very
> > overrated but now He has the chance to show if belongs to
> > Pele,Maradona,Rolando (the brazilian) class or Ronaldos(The
> > portuguese) and Ronaldinhos.
> > Klose now with a 100% chance to score 2-0.
> Thanks to a defensive

Still has to put it in the net and not wide or over
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On Jul 3, 11:57 am, Calimero <calimero...(a)> wrote:
> On 3 Jul., 17:55, bod <bodro...(a)> wrote:
> > Maria wrote:
> > > On 7/3/2010 3:08 PM, The Truth wrote:
> > >> 4 classes difference.
> > > Germany is a confident nation that is perhaps finally at ease with
> > > itself. They have much to be proud of. I would say that perhaps we could
> > > learn something, but we have become a self-indulgent, self-pitying
> > > nation and thrown away everything that we had to be proud of.
> >  >
> >  >
> > You also have to bear in mind, that Germany has a bigger pool of players
> > to choose from.
> > England only has about 50 million
> > Germany has got closer to 82million.
> Germany has only 41 millionto choose from as half of them are female.
> Max

Are you suggesting that if a female just on the slimmest chance
developed into the greatest footballer known to man she wouldn't be in
a World Cup?