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> Someone needs to send that BBC commentator a copy of the book "The

Truth to be said, you got the feeling that the BBC commentators aren't
exactly happy Argentina is winning the game, the Mexican goal has just
galvanized them ...


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>>* Lléo [2010-06-27 14:07] []:
>>> Indeed. It is far from being over yet.
>> It could have been if Higuain's header was on target.
> I think it is now... 3-0, a gola�o by Tevez, a powerful shot from outside
> the area.

Thankfully, it's not quite over yet it appears... Nice shot by Hernandez for
the 1-3.


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> Cl�ment writes:
>> I've seen goals being given by the referee and then taken back after
>> he spoke to a linesman (or the other way round), and before play was
>> re-started of course.
>> I'm not sure what the rules say exactly about such situations.
> Jim has provided te relevant paragraph. Mr. Rosetti decided to exposed
> Mexico to embarrassment instead of embarrass himself.

The biggest embarrassment for himself was to let the call stand. I'm sure he
would have taken it back if he and the linesman were sure it was a bad call.

This is why I believe a fourth official with access to video and instant
communication to the field refs could only help the game in such situations.


Luiz Mello

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* Lléo [2010-06-27 15:01] []:

> Thankfully, it's not quite over yet it appears... Nice shot by Hernandez for
> the 1-3.

Good control, great finish by Hernandez. Romero beaten on his near
post. Seriously.

Anyway, glad to see him do well. With him (and maybe Fabiano) next
season, I am excited for United's prospects.

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: > Wow I didn't see that. But there have been several incidents like that
: > in Argentina matches recently.

: Well, perhaps FIFA should ask the Southafrican authorities to look more into
: that, I saw it again just now, when Veron came in for Tevez, there were
: green lasers all over the Maradona hugging Tevez figure. In this occasion
: was surely innocous, but surely not when it is happening during the run of
: play.

I think there's a manhunt on... I've seen mention in the press of the
laser pointing (Argentina free kick in an earlier match). The guy doing
it must be pretty audacious to keep it up after that.


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