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Messi is a wrecking ball. Just causes panic anytime he approaches
the box.

On the first goal, *ouch* at the referee AND the linesman both looking
up at hte giant screen and both seeing the replay. Sucks. Video-
technology is not an assualt on referees, it HELPS the referees.
They're human. It'll never be 100% but obvious errors can be reduced.
I don't think the referee at the England game felt good about himself
when he saw the replay.

On the second goal, Higuain shows that he's absolute class. They've
been a couple of one on ones in this WC and most times I've seen the
player instinctively just poke it forward, usually on the ground, and
the GK saves. Higuain had the presence of mind to round the the goal
keeper. A class goal.

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> 1-0 to Argentina now... Tevez and Sanchez clashed for the ball, Messi got
> the rebound and lobbed it towards the goal, with Tevez now clearly
> offside.

Will there be any referees left to take this World Cup until the end? I
mean, two more are going home today, right? =)

2-0 now, Higuain, after a major blunder by Osorio.

Game over.


Luiz Mello

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Yep, appears neither match would be close today.

No real surprise.

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>* Sid [2010-06-27 14:02] []:
>> Even though Tevez was offside, Mexico needs to be careful to not lose
>> their heads. Lots of careless tackles by Marquez especially.

Indeed. It is far from being over yet.

> Gift by Osorio. Then he tries to pull down Higuain. Gonzalo rides the
> tussling and makes no mistake. 2-0.
> On the other hand, Romero continues to make his own life more
> difficult than it needs to be. Palms away another speculative Salcido
> shot from distance.

Yes to that too...It's been a while since they last had a really good


From: Sid on
* Lléo [2010-06-27 14:05] []:

> And now Osorio gifts Higuaín the second goal. A mis-hit side pass, which the
> Argentinian took, dribbled Sanchez and pushed inside. Worse than Cerezo'82.

Osorio almost gave away another. Luckily Tevez was pushed wide and Messi
wasn't close.

> When I said these guys will win the WC, I was told it was anti-woofing. Even
> the luck of champions is with them now.

I still think their back line looks extremely suspect.

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