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>Oil Flows in the Gulf and Money Flows into Pockets of Illuminists
>Yes, one day, we will reach an oil shortage, and it will be a
>completely manufactured, totally unnecessary and utterly avoidable
>shortage. It will be used as one of the final cards played to bring
>you to your knees so that you will go along with the creation of the
>Illuminati's New World Order, their "Novus Ordo Seclorum," a New Order
>of the Ages.

Two hundred years ago, everyone knew that the "New World Order" was
the replacement of monarchies with democratic republics. Now stupid
paranoid people make up all sorts of fake definitions for the term and
pretend that it has not already happened, while demanding that their
governments remain democratic republics, and thus part of the "New
World Order."

>Check it out. It's on the back of one of your dollar
>bills, under the pyramid capped by the all-seeing eye of their god,

The all seeing eye in a triangle is a Christian symbol of the
Omniscience of God identifying Him as a "trinity." The eye in the
palm of a hand is a Jewish symbol for the Omniscience of God linking
it to His omnipotence.

>Yes, their god is the "Apollyon" (Apollo) set forth in the Book of
>Revelation, also called "Abaddon" and "The Destroyer" and "the angel
>of the bottomless pit." Now you know what the Capital Dome (the Womb
>of Isis) and the 6666" tall, 666" square based Washington Monument
>(the Phallus of Osiris) are for, namely, for the resurrection of the
>angel of the bottomless pit (no one knows whether this is meant to be
>literal or figurative, but either way, you should not like it).

DS do some research. In egyptian mythology Osiris had no phallus.
Why you are calling the Capital Dome "the Womb of Isis" is a mystery
to everyone, even you.

And "6666 feet tall..." ...are you completely stupid?
It is not even a tenth of that.

Four measurements of the height of the Washingtom monument:
555 feet 5? inches (169.294 m) according to the National Park Service.
554 feet 11½ inches (169.151 m) according to historic architectural
drawings redrawn in 1994, door sill to tip.
555 feet 5½ inches (169.304 m) according to the U.S. Coast and
Geodetic Survey, measured in 1934 using a metal chain.
555 feet 5.9 inches (169.314 m) according to the U. S. National
Geodetic Survey, measured in 1999 using GPS receivers.

The Width of the Washington monument is 55 ft 1½ in.

DS you make up your own antibiblical mythology and then claim that
other people believe it.

>is the "Lost Symbol" of Freemasonry. Is it not strange how the
>Vatican Dome and imported Egyptian obelisk in Saint Peter's Square
>(the obelisk is from the City of On in Egypt, which was dedicated to
>Ra-Osiris-Isis) and the Capital Dome and Washington Monument are laid
>out in the same fashion? And both of these are laid out in the same
>manner as the Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak, with its temple and
>obelisk, the largest religious structure ever built in the history of
>the world, where the pharaoh of Egypt was to become the resurrected
>Horus, or son of Osiris.

I would expect that most people can easily see that the relationship
between the Capital building and the Washington Monument is not the
same as that of the Vatican and the obelisk in Saint Peter's Square.
I personally have been to both and that are quite different. Of less
common knowledge is the layout of the Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak
which had no dome at all. and several obelisks placed in various
locations with no central or primary obelisk.

Why on earth would you think that the Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak?
King Herod's Temple in Jerusalem was the biggest religious structure
ever built anywhere in the world. I do not know if the Vatican with
its various expansions has exceeded the size of the Second Temple
after the time of Herod the Great, but either way Karnak was not the

Did you forget that over half or your target audience is Roman
Catholic? Maybe insulting their religion will not make them agree
with you.

>In case you were unaware of this, you're
>dealing with demon worshippers here people. This is not a joke.

Yes, it is. Even if you don't get it, you are a joke.

>is a spiritual battle for the souls of men. Make no mistake about it.

Funny stuff DS!
I liked the title of the author: "The International Forecaster - Bob
Chapman." He is a "forecaster," he predicts the future. Christians
are not even allowed to talk to a "forecaster (fortuneteller)," but
you make a lame attempt at pretending to be christians while you are
trying to trick Christians into doing evil.