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Benny wrote:
> > Subject : Alex Ferguson really ugly after the match...
> > From : MHnospam(a)
> > Hargreaves
> > Brown
> > Anderson
> > Rooney
> >
> > Those are the main ones I can think of off hand. About the expected
> > number for this time of year. Eg. Arsenal has been missing Van Persie,
> > Fabregas, Gallas and a few others for a while - Vermaelen went down
> > today. Chelsea seem to have been quite fortunate with injuries this
> > year - Ashley Cole and Essien are the only major long term casualties I
> > can think of.
> Bosingwa has been out since October.

You're right. I had forgotten him. As Chelsea were peddling him
actively last summer (god knows why, he is as good a right back as there
is in the EPL I would say), I wonder how much he has really been
missed. Ferreira and Ivanovic are good enough replacements.

Rooney!?!?! He's barely been out
> for 2 weeks.

The poster was asking about injuries at the time of the CL match.

Arsenal's only long term injuries have been Van Persie,
> Rosicky and Ramsey. The others dropped recently so I wouldn't count
> them. When you're fighting on all fronts and have smallish players
> that's what happens. The one area Chelsea have been very lucky in is in
> attack. There is no adequate cover for Drogba or Anelka.
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