From: Jesper Lauridsen on
On 2010-06-30, MH <MHnospam(a)> wrote:
> Jesper Lauridsen wrote:
>> After that cup the 15 was reduced to 14 *including* the hosts for 2006.
>> In 2006 it was 10/14 in the second round. 6 in QF, 4 in SF.
>> FIFA rewarded that by reducing UEFA by one spot again.
> I know, it does not make any sense, no matter how you slice the
> allocation of host/defending champion spots, so far as I can tell.
> 15 in France (including hosts)
> 14.5 for 2002 (Ireland had to play off vs. Iran), including champs
> 14 for 2006 (Including hosts, champs no longer automatic qualifiers0
> 13 for 2010
> This is what makes me worried; if FIFA's general approach has been to
> raid UEFA for spots when UEFA were doing well,, what will they do now ?

The whole thing is clearly political and not performance based.

With Ghana stopped at QF, it should be possible to reduce Africa by one
(had they made the SF, the pressure to keep the absurd 6 spots would be
immense). That spot will probably go to South America, leaving the other
federations unchanged.