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Mark V. (markvanderv1(a) wrote:
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: ck:
: >
: > Asia - Nothing notable, apart from Australia joining the AFC. Just the
: > usual suspects qualifying for the WC and making little noise.

: South Korea's run in the 2002 WC could win honorable mention.

I agree actually, but... with this stupid conspiracy crowd you won't
get a majority of mature responses :-)

: > > -Italy "drawing" their way to a World Cup championship
: >
: > Happened before (1994), no biggie IMO.

: OK, but I was thinking of how Italy was knotted at the 90 minute mark
: in 4 of its 7 matches. But you're right. Probably not a story.

Oh, I see what you mean by "drawing" but Italy's 1982 group stage
progress was similar.


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Benny (Benny(a) wrote:

: Sure they will. The most infamous handball post Maradona was Tulio,
: ironically, against Argentina in a Copa America match in the 1990s. A
: handball in a Brazil vs Argentina match is a much bigger deal than once
: in a PLAY-OFF between France and Ireland.

What about a K/O match in the World Cup? (Frings vs the USA)

: The pig's head thrown at Figo when he returned to Barca, that was
: considerably more noteworthy than the Henry handball.

I agree :-)


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Deeppe (tutall(a) wrote:
: On Jan 1, 4:17=A0pm, Alkamista <alkami...(a)> wrote:

: No mention of US NT beating Spain?

: <bg>

: It's in MY top 10 at any rate.

For neutrals, what should make it significance is that it prevented
Spain from setting an all time world record unbeaten streak.


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Kind of boring decade football wise?

1. The Zidane headbut in a world cup final.

2. The crazy transfer fees being thrown about ( probably said every 10
years but it seems that even nobody players -whose names elude me
right now- were drawing 10s of millions in transfer fees.)

3. The rise of the EPL. This probably started in the mid 90's after
Bosman, but at one time the EPL was a poorly coached league, with no
tactics and a game that looked more like Volleyball than soccer. The
influx of foreign money, coaches and players made it the top league in
the past decade. If not for trophies at least for wages.

4. The rise of the Woman's game or at least the Woman's world cup. I
am pretty sure i never watched a woman's game before 2000? I have
since watched at least 2 games!

5.Greece winning the Euro cup.

6. Porto winning the UEFa cup and Champions league. Maybe not a small
club, but not a huge spending club either winning two trophies back to
back, may not happen for a while.

5. I am really running out of things... The worst decade for the
German national team since the 60's. Not one trophy won.

4. Molded "blade" studs, yes i am really running out of stuff. I used
to buy the multi studded shoes or the turf shoe for hard ground and
the molded for normal ground and the screw in for wet ground, now
everyone is using the "blades" no matter what the surface.

3. Fake grass pitches, they were around before but in the last ten
years the new rubberized fake pitches are everywhere. Better than
astro turf but i still do not like them.

2. Budweiser becoming the World cup official beer. I think this
happened in the 90's maybe? I blame the Americans for this. Never
before has such a bad beer been the official beer of such a good
event. Thankfully the Germans were still allowed to sell Bitburger in
2006. maybe the South Africans can get a special permit to sell Tusker
or whatever South African beer they drink?

1.The utter and total failure of the Canadian national team and soccer
in general in Canada. I don't think Canada won a single competitive
game in the past ten years? Trinidad and Tobago have a better team as
does Jamaica, El Salvador, Belize, Vatican City etc.
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Alkamista wrote:
> On Jan 2, 12:35 pm, FF <FAIRFOOTBALL....(a)> wrote:
> >
> > > > Nice, but not that notable if you're not english.
> >
> > > Why not? Going undefeated in a top European league is a big deal. Has
> > > it happened in Italy or Spain in the last decade or two? (asking, dont
> > > know the answer.)
> >
> > Neither do I, but still, I don't find it that extraordinary. It is,
> > but how shall I put it, in a secondary way. Let's put it this way, any
> > team would prefer to win the Premier League once than to finish 10
> > times second undefeated. In the end, winning it (lawfully) is what
> > really matters.
> Yes, but winning it and going undefeated at the same time is special.
> If it wasn't extraordinary, it would have happened more.

It is special, it's not very important. Winning one title undefeated
means less that winning 2 titles, in sequence or not, while losing
some games.

> > > > > 2 Underdog Greece winning the EC in 2004
> >
> > > > Again, just the Euro.
> >
> > > What's your bias against the Euros? It is a huge tournament. And
> > > Greece winning it is like the US winning the WC.
> >
> > It's not bias, just realistic evaluation. IMO, of course. 10 Euro Cups
> > don't make a World Cup, as I believe I've said a few times before.
> > No way; the US winning the WCup would be 1000 times more notable.
> > That's precisely why we won't live to see it happen. I'll believe it
> > when I'll see it, not a moment before.
> The EC is basically the WC without Brazil, Argentina

Which is exactly why it's a second-grade tournament.